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A very informative article was published in the "" on Feb.9th. It details the horrible situation for our troops returning from combat.

Whether or not you support the deployment of our military; we all owe them humane treatment upon returning from combat.

In spite of having been tested physically and mentally at enlistment, and being found fit in all ways, they are now being told that their mental and/or physical conditions are due to "pre-existing personality disorders"!

Please review the Military discharge regulation 635-200 Chapter 5-13 and ensure that we are treating our combat veterans with the care they deserve.

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1. April 28, 2003 Evening—Attacked by “protesters” see dead civilians/combatants while stationed at the gate to school house after receiving direct fire from the crowd.
2. April 29, 2003 Morning – Pulled perimeter around media as protesters shouted death threats
3. April 29, 2003 Afternoon – Evacuated from Fallujah via truck I was seated on the passenger side of the truck with 3-5 other service members. I witness a presumed 11 year old boy fashioning a stick like a gun and “shooting” me amid objects being thrown at our unit ranging from rocks to water bottles.
4. Unit continues to Baghdad after a brief stay on the outskirts of Fallujah.
5. Late Summer / Fall 2003 my squad engaged in drinking while guarding a power substation with some members of the Iraqi security forces in Baghdad and unauthorized patrols where squad leader SSG Graff engaged in an extra marital affair with an MP we had met during checkpoint operations.
6. SPC Stolarz who had been recently assigned to our squad and was new to Iraq gets into a fist fight with SSG Graff over our squads activities he is recommended for court martial for assault on an NCO. Defends himself by turning in the squads actions to the chain of command.
7. Each member of my squad including myself put in a sworn statement denying the allegations
8. Fall 2003 – I was approached by SPC Stolarz informing me that he had submitted pictures of our drinking activities at the power station with little time lapse to tell my other squad members that we were busted. I am brought before First Sergeant Dottin to re do my sworn statement. I decided at that point to admit to my own personal drinking however refused to admit or deny the actions of my fellow squad members. Each and every service member in my squad also is brought before First Sergeant Dottin and the Company Commander to re do their sworn statements however did not have the benefit of knowing about the pictures submitted into evidence to my knowledge.
9. Article 15 hearing is held with CSM Ortiz and LTC Nantz. Myself, PFC Perkins, PFC Hernandez, SPC Lopez all receive reduction in rank, 45 days extra duty, 45 days restriction, 50% pay reduction for two months. Other members of the squad are chaptered out of the Army including SSG Graff and SPC Stolarz under court martial proceedings. However my punishment is suspended for 180 days due to me telling the truth during the second sworn statement despite the fact that I had still not “turned in” my squad mates the other members did not receive the same leniency and blamed me for being the “weak link” received passing and specific death threats from PFC Perkins and PFC Hernandez such as weapons pointed in my direction or “It looks like Kauth is going down by friendly fire.” (PFC Perkins November 2003) These threats were never communicated to the chain of command for fear of making a bad situation worse.
10. Remainder of the squad is dispersed into other platoons in the same company along with the knowledg
I got chaptered on this, despite two doctors saying I was fine, I ticked off the army when I went to Iraq as a contractor, I ended up seeing my old unit in Iraq, I'm still fine, the army wont fix my discharge despite 32 1/2 months in Iraq after being chaptered. Please fix this regulation, it violates equal protection rights.
he returned not even 6 montha ago and they are trying to discharge him :,( this is so sad
he returned not even 6 months ago and they are trying to discharge him :,( this is so sad
he returned not even 6 montha ago and they are trying to discharge him :,( this is so sad
he returned not even 6 months ago and they are trying to discharge him :,( this is so sad
This is exactly what happened to me, and know I want to fight for what i deserved for in the first place!!!!
I was discharged in 2003, promised all my bonuses/college fund/benefits, unit was deploying to Iraq they didn't need another "broken"
soldier to stay at HQ, so they offered me an honorable discharge.
In the Navy, I had an emotional breakdown on my submarine and was sent to the mental hospital with suicidal ideations. The doctors there sold me an "administrative discharge" as the quickest way out of the hospital and back to normal life. They never said that I'd be denied all of the benefits I'd earned after two years active service. They intentionally mislead me in order to take my benefits. I would never have taken it if I had known.
i was in the army in 1983 and got a chapter 5 par 5-13 discharge and i feel the department of defence is not taking care of the men an women that they ordered onto war there are way to many homeless and that should not be and their health should them nothing at all the dod should pay for everything including therpy if they nee it returning from war of kind